About Us

Having a baby is the most precious life altering moment in ones life. If you are already a mum you would know just how much everything changes and how your priorities in life begin to shift. 

My mission for FEED began when my cousin had her first baby, Oscar. I fell instantly in love. 13 years on, there have been 28 babies born into our wonderful extended family with more yet to come. Christmas time is certainly chaos! 

I decided I wanted to create a brand which offered nursing mothers a unique choice. I had a vision to create innovative timeless clothing, that had hidden built-in access for breastfeeding. Each piece was to be meticulously developed in its design process, which not only offered breastfeeding access, but looked beautiful; the way all mums should feel at such a special time in their life. 

Now, 13 years on, my dream has become a reality. FEED is a ready-to-wear label with the objective of affordable luxury for nursing mothers. 

The FEED woman epitomises sophistication. She is confident and elegant. She is not merely ‘on trend’ as her style is ageless. 

FEED firmly believes in ethical fashion, as well as quality over quantity. Therefore all FEED garments are 100% Australian. From start to finish, each garment is Australian developed, tested, designed and made.
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