Bronte Cape Dress


The innovative design of the Bronte Cape Dress will pave the way for the breastfeeding future. Its meticulous design allows for seamless access to the breast for nursing, and the specifically designed cape acts as a cover up while feeding. With the addition of the built-in inner coverage for modesty, this dress epitomises sophistication.

Besides meticulous design, Feed Life prides itself on all garments being machine washable; making your life that little bit easier.

We recommend that you purchase you regular size.

Fabric composition

Main: Designed specifically to be machine washable, crease resistant, and drape effortlessly over the body.

Premium mid-weight poly/viscose blend

Contrast: Designed for stretch and comfort on the inner modesty lining.

Poly/spandex blend

Lining: Rayon


You already know it, but our Bronte Cape Dress is a no brainer.

See Why


Seamless one handed zip access for our multi-tasking Mothers.


While we're all for #freethenip, if a little more modesty is more up your alley, we have incorporated a soft and comfortable inner breastfeeding lining.


Dry cleaning? Nope. We use a premium mid weight poly/viscose blend fabric, designed specifically to be machine washable, crease resistant and enhance breath-ability.


Spills? No sweat.
Wear, wipe, rinse, repeat.


Bigger breasts than you're used to? Not a problem. Our garments have been specifically designed with a little excess baggage to help fit those fluctuating breasts.


The premium fabric has been tried and tested to fall effortlessly over your body, creating a beautiful and flattering silhouette. Say sayonara to clingy fabric.

It does it all.


While you're scrolling

We already know you’ve got style (you must, you’re on the FEED life website!) But just in case you have baby brain, we’ve done some thinking for you.

Styling With

The Bronte Cape is a timeless beauty.

Got a girls lunch? A wedding? Or a special occasion?

Before now it was next to impossible to find a beautiful and appropriate dress that had nursing access. LADIES LOOK NO MORE!

I promise you, the compliments will not stop. Flats or heels, this dress is a showstopper.
Coffee spills? Don't sweat it!
Leaky boobs? Won't see milk marks here.
Forgot to zip back up? We've got you covered - literally!
Reflux baby? **Insert knowing sympathetic nod, I’ve been there… twice!** Just throw your dress in the wash and you’re good for your next innings. 

Your new reality.

Motherhood never looked so good.

Thank You.

FEED Life is a labour of love. 

Our intention is to design garments that help breastfeeding mothers feel beautiful. 

The vast majority of your purchase price is an investment in small unique runs made from premium quality materials.

We appreciate your support. You allow us to pay fair Australian wages and show love for the most deserving people in the world, Mothers.

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